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    Release preview

    1. User notes As an admin or moderator of a forum, did not often want to deposit notes about a user that all team members can see, edit or remove? I have created such a possibility now. The user notes can be viewed, edited and deleted (if permission) in the user profile and the postbits. You could also view a ordered list of all user-notes in your admincp.

    vBulletin 5 Benutzernotizen Usernotes

    2. Link Management Forbidden URLs and links in posts can be automatically replaced by a stored text (including bb-code) when creating or editing and are therefore not visible to users or search engines. The forbidden URLs can be defined in the AdminCP (including importer if you previously used the text censorship function

    3.AdNode (advertising of any kind between posts)

    There are many approaches to placing ads between posts, but none is as flexible as to fit the right ad for each ad. With this add-on an advertisement can be created as a post, just a text or a banner. These possibilities are open for each ad.

    You could see those ads between the posts of custom-addons channel if more then 2 posts in the thread.

    4. Keyword-Management

    You could set words on a new admincp-page which will be replaced by a link in texts.

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