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New feature: forum category collapse

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    New feature: forum category collapse

    I just finished and included a new feature!

    If you are on the forum main page, then a small minus is displayed in each category on the right. When clicking on such a minus, the category is collapsed and the individual forums are hidden in it.
    This setting is stored per user within a cookie for 30 days (depending on the setting).

    Forum-Categories collapse-button

    All, for you unimportant categories can be individually collapsed or uncollapsed and this setting will then remain for 30 days. As soon as one category will set uncollapsed again, or another will set collapsed, the 30 days will be reassigned.

    I hope you like this little add-on. If interested, I can provide this in the near future as download also. Just leave a comment.

    For information:

    I often add add-ons, which are hardly ever downloaded or bought at all. To improve the offer, I would be grateful for a few comments on what keeps you from it (no interest in add-ons, not yet the right one, too expensive etc.).
    Many Thanks.
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