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Or vB5 upgrade - autolinker and autotweeter

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    Or vB5 upgrade - autolinker and autotweeter

    Hi - I run a large forum on vB 4,25 but we have decided to upgrade to vB 5

    I'm here looking for help - this site Admin already has the details.

    I am especially looking for an autolinker - which produces popups. We have one on our existing forum which was written by ourselves. It works very well and we rely on it enormously - but my webmaster died and so we don't have anyway of building one for vB5.

    I understand that I am not allowed to post up my site url here.

    We also need an autotweeter. We use one which came from - but I don't think that there is anything for vB5

    By the way - I'm sorry that I am writing in English - I don't speak German.
    Zuletzt geändert von Bankfodder; 16.12.2018, 12:09.

    Hi Bankfodder,

    thanks for introducing. I moved your post to recently created english forums to separate different languages and make it more comfortable for none german speaking people to post at

    I will put your requests to my list.
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