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    [Exklusiv] Moderator-Style

    If you want to put a new style online and make it available to the team only before publishing, this is not possible right now. A style, which only the team should see (moderators, super-moderators and administrators without the permission to edit the styles in the AdminCP (canadminstyles)), can currently only be provided by assigning the admin permission "Can Styles Edit".
    However, this is not realistic because this permission first fades in all the styles and 2. then each of these users could also edit and delete the styles. So this is no way to the goal.
    With this add-on, the admin can now choose a moderator-style in the settings of styles and languages. This will be displayed to all users of the user groups 6,5,7, as long as they do not have permission to edit styles and therefore choose all styles.
    The moderator-style does not have to be user-selectable and therefore can not be selected by normal users. Users who should see the moderator-style must be in the "primary user group" and / or "show user group" (6,5,7) of the administrators (without authorization to edit styles), super moderators or moderators.

    Title: [] Moderator-Style
    Version: 1.0.0
    Installation-instruction: Just upload the files! The add-on will install automatically.
    Templatecount: 0
    Phrasecount: 3
    vB-Version: 5.4.0+
    Type: Hosted-Server Hosted-Server​. Can only be installed on hosted servers. Not cloud-capable!

    Moderator-Style vBulletin5

    The moderator-style is displayed with a (*) behind the name and should be set differently from the default style, as this is always available for selection or is selected if there are no others.

    Moderator-Style-Settings vBulletin5

    !without any copyright-reference!

    Price: 35€ + Tax
    MyCommerce Productpage
    (The full price including VAT will automatically be created on the MyCommerce page!)
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