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    What I really missed on vB5 is an add-on that allows you to collapse/ expand the categories as you like. In large forums, with a variety of categories, it's not always easy to keep track and not all categories are interesting for everyone. Therefore, I have created an add-on that solves this problem.

    The Category Collapse add-on creates a minus in each category or a plus icon in the categories that are already collapsed, allowing you to collapse or expand the forum.
    The category setting is stored in a cookie per user. How long this data would be saved could set by admins. If no changes are made to the settings, all categories are opened again after that period.
    If changes are made to the settings between the first set and the expiration date, the counter starts new.

    Title: [] Channel-Category-Collapse
    Version: 1.0.0
    Installation-instruction: Could be installed in your admincp by uploading the xml.
    Templatecount: 1
    Phrasecount 4
    vB-Version: 5.4.0
    Type: Hosted-ServerHosted-Server​ Can only be installed on hosted servers. Not cloud-capable!

    Forum-Categories collapse-button

    !without any copyright-reference!

    Price: 15€ + Tax
    MyCommerce Productpage
    (The full price including VAT will automatically be created on the MyCommerce page!)
    It`s nice to be important but it`s more important to be nice!

    I'm not sure why, but on my forum it seems that it doesn't remember the setting. Every time I refresh my page, the categories will be uncollapsed again. I have set the expiry setting at 365 days.


    • delicjous
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      Just tried with mac (safari and opera) and the categories stayed collapsed after refresh. Do you have another hint?
      Edit: Also testet Windows Opera and even IE is working for me! Did you changed anything in your browser-cookie-options?
      Need more information to readjust the problem.
      Zuletzt geändert von delicjous; 24.01.2019, 08:53. Grund: Need more information please!

    • Fleiding
      Fleiding kommentierte
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      Emptied my browser caches and now it seems to be working.

    • delicjous
      delicjous kommentierte
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      thanks for clarification!