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Memberlist username-search

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    Memberlist username-search

    To find another user as a user of a vBulletin 5 forum requires detours, such as advanced search. To simplify this, there is now the user search of the user / member list. A user name can be entered in the input field and users will be searched live starting with the first letter. The user list is reduced by the users who are suitable for input. So in the future, your users could search each other. The add-on has been successfully tested in several forums and even in forums with over 40,000 users, the user search is simple, performant and successful!

    Title: [] Memberlist-UsernameSearch
    Version: 1.0.0
    Installation-instructions: Just install the XML-File.
    Templatecount: 2
    Phrasecount: 1
    vB-Version: 5.4.0
    Typ: Hosted-Server​ Can only be installed on hosted servers. Not cloud-capable!

    The add-on does not require any template or other customizations and can easily be installed in the AdminCP.

    Please note that the "All" button does not work correctly before installing this add-on!

    Klicke auf die Grafik für eine vergrößerte Ansicht  Name: Bildschirmfoto 2018-12-11 um 19.23.27.png Ansichten: 1 Größe: 173,6 KB ID: 1984

    !without any copyright-reference!

    Price: 30€ + Tax
    MyCommerce Productpage
    (The full price including VAT will automatically be created on the MyCommerce page!)
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