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    The breadcrumbs on websites should point to the current page for SEO reasons. In vBulletin 5, only the last forum directory below the post is displayed, but not the topic title. In order to display the current theme title in the breadcrumbs, there is now this addon, which integrates the theme title into the breadcrumbs without any customization of templates or other code. Just install / upload and the theme title will be added automatically, as here in the forum at the last place of breadcrumbs.

    Title: [] Breadcrumb Node-Title
    Version: 1.0.0
    Installation-instruction: After unpacking, just load the content of the folder upload into the appropriate directory. (see also enclosed instructions in German and English)
    Templatecount: 0
    Phrasecount 3
    vB-Version: 5.4.0
    Type: Hosted-Server​ Can only be installed on hosted servers. Not cloud-capable!
    Original German-Thread

    The add-on does not require any template or other adjustments and can be easily installed in the AdminCP or will be installed automatically.

    In the settings in the AdminCP under Settings => Options => "Display topic (showthread)", the title titles in the breadcrumbs can be disabled and it can be set whether the title should be displayed as a link or without linking in the breadcrumbs (default: without linking)



    Cache Templates As Files must not be activated because the add-on can not change them when calling!

    !without any copyright-reference!

    Price: 20€ + Tax
    MyCommerce Productpage
    (The full price including VAT will automatically be created on the MyCommerce page!)
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